The Silenced Voice

In a society that tells us to have a voice, we still become silenced. At least, not in the way you would believe. My voice changed, evolved, adapted, and became different over time. My voice is different today than it was five, ten, fifteen, and even twenty-five years ago. My life stages silenced the voice I had as I grew in wisdom and closer to God. Our loving Father gave us a voice for His Glory, and over time, His Holy Spirit works through our hearts to become the voice God desired in the beginning before we were created.

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Rest in Unmet Resolutions

Hey y’all.

I have been absent for quite a while. No worries, I have been tending to other important matters regarding my family, work, and college. I have been pining for my blog to further the gift of writing that God granted to me. Just as everyone else, I have a life outside of writing. We had so many changes in our family in the last year that I am still adjusting to the changes.

What does “rest in unmet resolutions” mean to you? To be honest, I have felt disappointed that I had not made an effort in my writing, even though my “excuses” were reasonable in the fact that I work a majority of the week outside of the home, have to tend to my family and home, and took on a college load. But, little did I realize was that my unmet resolutions would have turned into rest as God was lining me up for new beginnings He had planned.

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Our Inner Goliaths

Have you ever really looked at the story of David and Goliath? It is one of first basic Sunday school stories we learn as children. Unless we read Scripture on a regular basis, we can miss the little nudges of meaning behind the words that God speaks to us. One cannot read the same story in the Bible too many times because each season of our life bears a significant meaning when we turn to God’s Word.

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Christ-like Unity

I want to acknowledge that regardless of what I write, someone will be offended. Honestly, regardless of any topic I voice my thoughts about, someone will disagree, and that is okay. But, I have to be obedient to God in writing when He puts something on my heart.

What was the last “community” moment you remember three months ago?

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Fresh Start Bible Review

How often have you gotten a fresh start with anything? Maybe it was a fresh start with a new move to a city, a new job, or even a newfound appreciation of life. Sometimes in order for us to have that “fresh start,” we need to surrender what may be on our hearts. Continue reading

The Gift of You

The Story Behind our Gift

“If only I could tell myself then what I know now,” is an all too common phrase said by many. Sometimes our gifts are the stories we express to others- the words we would tell our younger selves. Continue reading

Joyful Sorrow

If you take a look at my last few blog posts, you’ll notice that they are product reviews, and the most recent heartfelt post was from March 2019. It was about my experience with the loss of my Mom. I told myself that I wasn’t going to let anything keep me from writing because Mom wouldn’t want me to stop.

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Review of Heaven Intended Series

They say that books “take you places,” and I completely agree. Growing up, I had my head in a good book, and there is nothing like sitting in your favorite spot or cuddled up in bed with a book. I got my bookworm genes from my Dad and Nanny; Nanny would always have books everywhere in her house, Continue reading

Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters Book Review

As I write this, my heart hurts. My heart hurts for the daughters that did not get the chance to reconcile with their Mamas before it was too late. My heart hurts for the daughters that maybe said something they wish they could take back or wish they could have said anything. Continue reading

#RescYOUed Bible Study and Review

I have to be honest. Sometimes, I start Bible studies with full intention on completing them, and once I start digging in the study, it is not what I expected or my time slips away as I fully intend to do the day-by-day devotions. I end up starting day one on day ten for the daily devotionals. What I have learned that works for me is just because there is a Bible study offered does not mean I have to do every single one of them to seek God. Continue reading