Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters Book Review

As I write this, my heart hurts. My heart hurts for the daughters that did not get the chance to reconcile with their Mamas before it was too late. My heart hurts for the daughters that maybe said something they wish they could take back or wish they could have said anything. Continue reading

#RescYOUed Bible Study and Review

I have to be honest. Sometimes, I start Bible studies with full intention on completing them, and once I start digging in the study, it is not what I expected or my time slips away as I fully intend to do the day-by-day devotions. I end up starting day one on day ten for the daily devotionals. What I have learned that works for me is just because there is a Bible study offered does not mean I have to do every single one of them to seek God. Continue reading

An Almost Unspoken Conversation

As some may already know, my sweet Mama went to be with the Lord at the end of February, and I will be honest in saying that I am not okay. I have good days still, but I have been turning to prayer or engaging into something uplifting for others as a way to cope. I do not know how long I will feel this way, but I do know that as time goes by, it becomes easier even in the midst of missing Mama. Continue reading

Heart to Heart- A Kid Night In Box Review

Hello everyone! I normally make posts at least once a week, but for the whole month of February, I had to tend to family matters. My sweet Mama became very sick and was hospitalized for over two weeks. Sadly, she lost her battle, but she gained a new body with no more pain, tears, and bad experiences. I was very close to Mama and it hurts that I cannot pick up my phone to call her, but I am blessed she was able to be a part of my blogging and writing journey in the beginning.

Last month, I received a Date Night In Box for my hubby and I to do, but Army life got needy Continue reading

200% Is that even possible?


I have been listening to a podcast recently on my way to work by Dr. Mike Glenn, the pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church, entitled “Creating Real Marriages that Last”. He touches on everything from learning your spouses love language, to parenting your children, to being a parent to your parent when that time come. Something specifically stuck out to me last week while i was listening on my way to work. The specific episodes that stood out where entitled ” Marriage is not 50/50″ and “Renegotiating the marriage contract” Throughout these episodes he made many valid points, but these two that I am writing about are things that I hear about a lot.

We hear this statement all the time. Marriage is 50/50. Is it really? Why would you as a wife or a husband only give half of your ability and energy to your marriage and expect it to…

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My Experience with Jade Bloom University

If there was a way you could learn about essential oils and did not have to pay to learn, would you do it? What if I told you that you could learn at your own pace, time, and earn free bottles of oils as you complete the courses? Sounds like something that is too good to be true. Continue reading

Blessed yet Bitter

Always, God shows us the root of our issues in our hearts, and one of the few things that He has shown me that needs changing is my bitterness. If you personally know me, I tend to conceal my bitterness even though I genuinely encourage others. But, if you don’t know me, then I am just some gal sharing a struggle on a public blog and social media. Continue reading

Unpacking Apples and Lemons

We finally moved into our first, new home from an Army move. To avoid complaining, I’ll just say that we are dealing with the after effects from the move and how unprofessional the move was compared to our past experiences. I had the weirdest feeling about how the move was going to go when I realized I could not find my fresh apples, lemons, and birth control pills. Continue reading