Dear Stranger at Kroger,


To the Lady at Kroger,

We, as moms, have all been there. The moment when we set foot in the store with our sweet little angel- when they decide to turn into a yelling machine because you said not right now. I had been dealing with a allergy headache all day, feeling a little light headed. All I needed was a few items in the store, and I had definitely not expected it to become a stressful, chaotic event from my little boy. It threw me for a loop because he had been previously sweet in the store at Kroger the past few times.

My little guy wanted Pop-Tarts and Cereal, which I made the mistake of venturing down that aisle, and I had said to him that we were not at the store for that at the time. Of course, he got his feelings hurt and wailed. Then, the big no-no came of where I got hit. I was feeling overwhelmed with the emotions pouring out of such a tiny human, and I whispered, “Help me, Jesus. I know You have this handled.”

I kept a calm face, yet deeply embarrassed and furious on the inside, and went straight to the bathroom to discipline him. And, that is when you showed up- the divine blessing Jesus had sent me. At the time, I was thinking great another person probably going to stare at me and my child, but you talked so sweetly to my little guy. And, I felt in my heart Jesus telling me that He handled it.

Normally, I would have politely declined your offer to him of “if he didn’t cry the rest of my trip, you’d buy him some candy.” But, my heart made peace that it is okay to accept a blessing such as that because it is God blessing me through this nice lady to say “It’s okay, sweet mama. You are not alone in this. You and Christopher are loved.”

So, thank you sweet stranger for being a blessing to me and my son so that we can in turn be a blessing to someone else in need. The world needs less shocked looks of distressed mamas and more compassion offered.


Stressed, but BLESSED Mommy


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