Tab’s Etiquette


The purpose of my blog is to uplift moms and wives. I am well aware that we all have our Freedom of Speech, but I don’t see why we as moms and wives can’t just get along, regardless of our lifestyles- whether we are the Martha Stewart of tidiness in our homes to letting our toddlers be our professional interior designer.

The way I see it, we mostly get appalled at the fact that there is so much cyber-bullying occurring among the younger generation, and if that bothers us enough, then we should extend a kind heart to others. If you wouldn’t want your child to be a victim of cyber-bullying or be the bully, then lead by example. I will delete any comment that appears aggressive, but I hope that I do not have to resort to that.

Now, this doesn’t go to say that you can’t ever disagree with a person’s comment or even my post. I’d say gracefully disagree because we are not perfect, but we are under God’s grace. The Lord loves each and everyone of us; so, it doesn’t matter what our walk of life is compared to others. Who knows, maybe seeing another opinion or idea would educate us.


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