St. Ives Product Review



Hi Everyone,

First of all, I know that the image quality is a bit fuzzy. I used my cell phone and forgot to adjust the settings; and, I just wanted to continue the work on my blog by filling up the sections I created. I can assure you that once I get a hang of the product reviewing process, I’ll be able to have a better quality post. For now, this is more of a practice post.

I subscribe to the Wal-Mart Beauty Box, which I have received two boxes so far (they are quarterly subscriptions), and I love the products they include. For the spring box, the St. Ives Apricot Scrub was among the products included. I have never used the brand, though I have heard of it.

I do not have sensitive skin, but I do have normal/dry skin (depends on the seasons). I, also, do not go tanning, and I try to remember to apply sunscreen on my face whenever I happen to go for a drive or play outside with my son. I have very, very tiny fine lines already, but no “visible” wrinkles- meaning unless you’re up thisclose to my face, you don’t notice. When I used the product, I went ahead and used on my face instead of testing it on the back of my hand. The scrub wasn’t harsh feeling on my face, and the apricot scrub smelled amazing! I could immediately feel the freshness and cleanliness on my skin after I washed away the scrub. I dampened my face with warm water and rinsed with warm water. My face felt so smooth and soft, as well. Until another product comes along, I am continuing usage of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. 🙂



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