Being Raised by My Son


To get an idea of me, I was just finished with this blog post and clicked the spell checker, and all of a sudden, my whole post disappeared. No idea how that happened. I guess that means I wasn’t supposed to post, haha. It was really good, too!!

Anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts on something that I realized and will make sense of the blog title.

God works in an endless number of ways to change us into the godly person we are meant to be. Life is crazy, fast, and exhausting, yet it is beautiful and changing. Every single person, whether that person tells others or not, is going through something. A while ago, I felt convicted to ask God to change me in my patience in how I react and respond to my son when he is going through a temper-tantrum or not listening to me. And, little did I know, God had been answering my prayers even before I prayed for that.

I have felt God changing me over the past few months with my son. And, this morning, actually, I realized that my son is “raising me” just as I am raising him. What I mean by that is when we see our children struggling, we are to be their guidance in helping them overcome a hurdle. We are God’s children no matter how old or young we are, and it is His pleasure to help us overcome our struggles and God is perfect in how He helps us overcome them. He uses unlikely situations or people to change us because that is His timing.

In my case, my struggle was patience in how I handled my son. It seemed that there were not enough hours in the day for me to catch up on everything else that I had been behind on, and I became very impatient, rushed, and tired. I had recently learned that God was using those moments to change me by allowing His works be done through Christopher. So, in a way, God is using my son to raise me to be the godly daughter of our King. God wants my spiritual journey to flourish, and when I let go of the blinders of my struggle, it allowed me to see the changes that were already taking place in my heart. And, I am learning something new through my change each day.

Sometimes our moments of growth derive from our bundles of joy because it is God’s teachings for our growth. I am blessed with the spiritual growths that I face, the good and the bad, because God is raising me, His daughter. That allows me to have grace in my imperfections.

Have a blessed week, y’all.


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