Seventh Generation Laundry Pack Review :)

Hey y’all!

Recently, I joined the Seventh Generation community to learn more about their products and learning more about starting/maintaining a healthy, earth friendly lifestyle. First, I would like to say that I am a beginner in this natural-organic-earth friendly journey, but it is better late than never, right? I even taught my three-year-old the importance of recycling, and he loves setting up a designated spot for items to be recycled 🙂

Not too long ago, I was given a chance to review the Seventh Generation Laundry Packs (click green letters for product viewing) for free in exchange for a review of my experience using them in my family’s laundry. All three of us (hubby, myself, and toddler) have no known skin allergies- though when I become unhealthily stressed, I get a small rash of eczema on my inner arm. Other than that, I wash our clothes a lot because I have a military hubby who has DIRTY uniforms and PT clothes and a toddler who is messy (did I need to explain the toddler part, haha).

When I received the package, I have to say that I was surprised and excited that it was a full package (45 count) of laundry packs to try on my laundry. Normally, a laundry company sends a “sample” size of one or two pacs, and it is a slight challenge to be able to conduct a detailed review of how the product works or doesn’t work for a person. Below is a photo of the package I received.

seventh generation

I ended up using two pods in my laundry each time since my hubby’s clothes were extra “oomph” from military workouts…everyday…and night time potty training my three-year old has an extra need to ensure I clean it. I would normally use one pod, but when clothes are heavily soiled, I use two just so that I can ensure an extra cleaning. I was VERY pleased at how the clothes smelled clean, yet didn’t have an overpowering scent as other laundry detergent products. I had the citrus and cedar scent.

Seventh Generation made their laundry packs to be a USDA certified biobased product. These can be used in regular and HE machines. It fights stains (which I had to do another round on some clothes that already had set in stains).  There are no synthetic fragrances, dyes, or artificial brighteners. On their package, it gives a very detailed list of their ingredients, which are safe and made from oils. It is gluten-free, phosphate free, and NOT tested on animals. And it can be used in all water temperatures.

I was very pleased to have been able to receive this for free to review. This would be a product worth switching over for myself and family.

***As I mentioned a few times in the post, I received this product for free in exchange for a review from Generation Good (Seventh Generation). Everything is my own opinion of the product.


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