MegaFoods Children’s Multivitamin Powders Review for Moms Meet

First off, what a wonderful time it has been for the summer going into fall. Indeed, there have been quite a bit hot temperatures that make us wish for winter (or I may be the only one) for the cool feeling. Which, will turn into us wishing for warmer weather. That cycle never ends. God uses every season, weather, temperature, and condition for His will for the plants, animals, and people. So, there is a reason that there was an unexpected downpour that the meteorologist didn’t mention.

Now, on to the purpose of my newest blog post. Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to try and review (more so my four-year-old) farm fresh multivitamins from MegaFood**. I am happy with how beneficial it was for my son. When I first opened the containers, my initial thought was, “I hope Christopher won’t be picky about the ‘colors’ of the powders.” I used the Kids Daily B- Centered to add in the homemade peanut butter oat balls for Christopher. I mainly made them for him, but I may have had several….or a lot…myself because it was just THAT good. You can’t even tell that there is “something in there” from the way I made them. I just used the recipe card that was included in the box that the containers arrived in, which was helpful to bring new ideas. I, also, added the Kids Daily Immune to my son’s smoothie for breakfast one morning, and he absolutely loved it and drank the whole thing. Then, I decided to see how he would “react” to having a powder in plain sight, and I mixed one scoop of Kids Daily Multi in his oatmeal for breakfast, and added some blueberries to it since he likes a fruit in his oatmeal. He ate his oatmeal as if it was what I made all the time.

Here is a list of the multivitamin jars that I received (I included the link in the ………):

  1. Two Jars of Kids Daily Multi– which contains organic turmeric, carrots, and fresh fruits. You receive thirty (30) servings from this product. It is certified gluten free, vegetarian, no pesticides were on the plants during the growing process, soy free, dairy free, farm fresh, and non-GMO. In the biography area on the back of the label, it mentions information about the product of where it comes from- Kauai Organic Farms.
  2. Kids Daily Immune– organic oranges, elderberry, and Echinacea. There are thirty (30) servings, as well. This, also, has the same labeling as the Multi, which also has Certified Vegan as well. The ingredients used to create the product derive from Uncle Matt’s Organic, Inc.
  3. Lastly, Kids Daily B-Centered– organic Brown rice, bacopa, and broccoli. You receive thirty (30) servings in this container, too. It supports energy, focus, and sense of calm. This derives from Lundberg Family Farms, per the label that is on the product.

I find it beneficial that MegaFoods offers the option to see your products being created “live” so that you can be included in on the process. What makes these products even more interesting is the fact that they are made with various combinations of foods that I wouldn’t have thought of to mix. The powders seem to have dissolved very well in my opinion. And, on top of MegaFood offering the option to see the process live, they have the “biographies” of the groups who make their products so that the customers are more informed on where their product is coming from. That is a plus for anyone who is cautious about the source of their nutrients.

One suggestion that I would recommend, for those who have picky eaters, (you may have already attempted) is getting your child excited about making something and taste testing what they make. My four-year-old is picky at times, but I find that if I don’t “give him an option” of disliking a new food, I let him help in the process and taste the food with him, too.

From what I saw on the MegaFood website, they seem to be upfront with their company, products, and farmers they work with to create their products. They list a link that has all the products categorized to your preferences or needs, they list details about whom they work with, they list everything about their process of making the products, they have several live cameras to visually see the process, and they have a blog to provide more resources for your everyday life. MegaFood states they want to provide nutrition through real and fresh foods. I think that is a great characteristic of a company who includes their customers in their “family” so that they make them feel valued.

If you’d like to know where the products are located, they have a locator option to search where they are found. For my area, they are sold at GNC stores, but I searched a random state and city (Colorado Springs, CO) and they sell them at GNC stores as well as Natural or Organic stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc. If you’re unsure, and do not want to make a special trip to find nothing, I’d call the store and check if they have it on the shelf.

**I am a Moms Meet Blogger, and I was given the MegaFood products (four) free to try with my toddler in exchange for a review**


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