Parenting with God

One question that God has revealed to me when I often feel overwhelmed mommying (that should be a word) is, “Are you parenting with Me?”

First of all, I will point out that I am only a mom of a four-year-old-boy, so I am not an “expert” on this mommyhood journey. Yet, what mom (or dad) truly is? That doesn’t go to say that you are not a good mommy to your child….you are the best mommy your child (or children) can ever have, even in the moments when you feel like you are pulling your hair out at times.

Back to the question, though, are you parenting with Him? To better understand that question, many Christians are fully aware of the concept that marriage takes three (God, Husband, and Wife). The closer to God the husband and wife, the closer the husband and wife are to each other. And, while marriages are not perfect, spouses are to know that marriage takes work with God, especially if there are differences. Forgiveness is a must, even when it doesn’t seem like it should be given. Think about this, whatever your spouse does, it was already forgiven and put on the Cross by Jesus (there is a point behind the marriage tip of the day, I promise). Our struggles are not even with people, they are with the evil beings that the devil uses for his bad. By focusing on God, we release our negative emotions that the devil is trying to inflict us with.

When a husband and wife come closer to God, they have a better, spiritual connection to each other and God. In turn, they can parent with God. Even with the husband and wife having different personalities, when they allow God to parent through them, they in turn have the best parenting help any person could have. See, our children are not “ours.” Yes, we, as moms, had the blessed opportunity to carry a human and deliver them, but just with everything else, our children are not ours, they are God’s. He simply gave us the calling to take care of one (or some) of His children on earth.

So, the question, “Are you parenting with God?” makes complete sense. When we are raising our children through our flesh, we will become weary, overwhelmed, angry, or insecure because the parenthood world is super competitive. There is always going to be a judgmental thought towards you because you raise your child differently than another person’s. As long as your child is fed, watered, and loved, does any way have to be judged? The way one person raises God’s child is clearly going to be different because God has purpose for that. God will use how that child is raised for His glory, and simply changing parenting styles or competing is turning parenthood into an idol without even realizing it. When striving to be the perfect or better parent, that’s when raising our children is “meaningless” because parenting is our ministry.

Parenting with God allows us to have His Grace and the ability to minister to our bundles of joy. Of course, we are to teach them on their age levels, but do speak the Biblical and Spiritual truth to your children. For example, Christopher is four and though he has a lot to learn about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and prayer, I talk to him openly about it. They are just simple, yet meaningful talks with him.He knows that he can pray for any and everything. And, one thing that makes my heart warm knowing that God is working through him is the fact that when Christopher does have a moment with me (tantrum), he goes to his room for a couple of minutes, then he comes to me saying that the devil is trying to make us fight. And, we should not let the devil win his battle and ask God to help us. For a four year old, that is such a profound thought concept that he learned from God’s parenting.

One thing that I learned several months ago is that (it may sound a bit weird to think of it like this) the devil uses whatever he can to attack us with his evil spiritual forces. And, the tired-mama syndrome is really the devil trying to keep you from your focus on God by using your children to have tantrums, fight with each other, rebel, etc. You, as a mama, know your child and whatever is not of God is of the devil.

Though it can be embarrassing to be “that woman” with the screaming child in the store. Our battle isn’t with our child. We have to use the power of prayer and parent with God to prevent the devil’s attempts to make us become weary or upset and fight the devil on behalf of our children to prevent a spiritual attack on them. Also, God uses anything that is bad for the better. The tantrums that a mom has to face could be used to help her evolve her patience and self-control. That will defeat the battle against the devil to use a tantrum to create an uncontrolled reaction with God’s child.

That is why it is vital to allow God to parent through you (which would be the Holy Spirit) because God’s children that He blessed you with have the most child-like faith, yet can become vulnerable because they are learning new things every day. It is our duty as God’s messengers to sow the seeds within them to help them grow spiritually when they become adults. Though no person is never “completely” there for their spiritual journey, we have seen, experienced, and learned things from God that only we can use to help our children when it comes to godly parenting.

I am beyond blessed that God speaks to me through this parenting journey, as well as my husband. With the world we live in today, it can be a scary thought of our child growing up in it, but when we as parents draw near to God, He supplies us with the parental wisdom to provide for His children. Here is a prayer that I’d like to leave you with:

Dear Heavenly Father, 

I am so glad that I am not alone in my spiritual journey to parent Your child.I thank You that You reveal to me that I (as well as my child’s daddy) need to draw near to You so that I can allow You to parent to Your child. Though I may fail or struggle at times, I have Your Grace to seek You in the journey. The love You have for my family is allows me to have the faith to become the godly person I am intended to be. The struggles I face with our child are not of the flesh, and I allow You to take this battle for me as the battle is with the devil. You are the Almighty One, and no battle is lost. I thank You for the good that comes out of every step we make in life, whether good or bad. Amen


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