Tribal Identity, part two

Looking back in my life, I have seen many friends come, go, and stay in the story that God has created for me. And, what is even amazing is these individuals have played a huge part in how God has shaped who He wants me to become. Through our spiritual journey, that is when we learn God’s character through our season and through Him working through others.

The tribe we have in our life (or who was in our life) is ultimately those who God utilizes to shape who He wants us to be. But, the more I think of it as I write this, we often become too wrapped up in our “tribe” as who we are, where we stand, or what we should do or not do, that we forget that our own being is a tribe within itself. Now, I know that does not make sense at all (unless you are a mind reader and know my deep thoughts), but hear me out on this.

Whether we, as individuals, cross paths with others or not, we are all connected through one commonality- the Holy Spirit. While we, as humans, were created for a sense of community, we are all divinely connected, whether it is a compliment from a complete stranger to a person who has known us for so many odd years.

This blog post was completely different for the past few months, and I kept changing it because it didn’t sit right with me. But, this is what God put on my heart in the above paragraph. Which brings the question, the people who you and I befriend, would we necessarily befriend them on our own? Through the work of the Holy Spirit, we are led to a person, place, or thing God divinely connected in our story.

Our will of God is knowing and sharing the Good News about Jesus, and through that, God lets the Holy Spirit guide us to places, people, or things we normally “wouldn’t pick.” For a year, I prayed for a neighbor with kids to befriend so that I could share about Jesus to her, and I finally got a neighbor, but the friendship never “surfaced” as I hoped. Nothing wrong with anything between us, but sometimes it isn’t in God’s Will for you to be friends with every single person. But, shortly after, I got a new neighbor, a family, and I realized a few weeks ago that our friendship was the prayer I prayed. I had asked God to allow me to bring someone to grow to church, and that is what He did.

All this time when I started the first blog post of Tribal Identity, I was thinking over and over of how people in or out of our lives are part of our spiritual journey and tribal identity. But, the answer was the Holy Spirit the whole time. Our “tribe” isn’t based on our status, likes, political views, or anything like that, our tribe is divinely selected and we are connected (or disconnected) by the Holy Spirit simply because God is at work on what He wants to change in us in each time (in the Fruit of the Spirit aspect).

Say God wants to work on your kindness, He will allow the Holy Spirit to soften your heart to a person who you normally wouldn’t consider giving your own time. You don’t know why you feel drawn to interact with a particular person, but you feel the desire to reach out and extend kindness. That person may not be a person who is initially nice in the beginning, but through the Holy Spirit’s leading, their story unfolds before you, and while you become the person who extends kindness they seek, they become the person God uses to fill you with the Fruit of the Spirit that you need for your spiritual journey.

I admit that for the past couple of months I was seeking friendship and community, but through this as I got inspiration for the part two post, I realized that our tribal identities are ultimately our spiritual journeys that evolve as God changes us through our situations, both good and bad. Any and everything can become an idol when we focus on  where we lack, and a physical tribal identity can become an idol, which is what I do not want. I want the spiritual tribal identity in my life. Through the spiritual tribal identity, the Holy Spirit works within us to complete the Will of God. There is a greater sense of fulfillment when a person allows God to lead their life of whom they interact with or not because the divine connections are the Will of God.

I pray that this has blessed you, and I look forward to writing more for you.


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