“Mama, Let’s Save Earth”

It is so easy to teach young children the importance of respecting the temporary home that God blessed us with until we venture to our forever Home. While I am in no means perfect, I feel convicted to teach Christopher the importance of taking care of Earth.

Over the past year and a half, I have been able to switch over to a few natural/ earth friendly products. Switching over to an Earth friendly lifestyle can seem intimidating when you don’t know where to begin, and you know that big changes would not go well for your family all at once. For me, it was easier to keep it simple by adding something new once we we consistently using whatever I introduced.

For a year and a half, I have been receiving a monthly subscription to MightyFix- I am in no way an affiliate with them or not trying to pitch a sale; I just want to share my experience in how I ventured to help my son learn a lesson in caring for Earth. I will not include any links for that matter, because I am simply sharing my experience to help others. I have received many cleaning or storage type products through them that I was able to switch from conventional products to earth friendlier products without a hassle.

Back to the topic; my kiddo has a BIG heart. He cares about anything and everything, and that warms my mama heart. Even though it’d take a worldly effort to save Earth, I think it is important to teach our kids the importance of not polluting, recycling, or simply changing a habit that would make their life better in the long run. He loves the idea of using recyclable bags for grocery shopping (probably because you can fit so many things in one bag) and for his library books.

His favorite earth friendly product that I have used the longest would be the wool dryer balls; probably, because he likes to throw “snowballs” in the house. That was one of the first changes I made. My family doesn’t have any sensitive skin allergies (other than occasional stress caused eczema on my arms), but I wanted an easy change that would be just as effective. While I don’t have the fragrances from the dryer sheets I used in the past, I know that my clothes are free from dyes and artificial fragrances that would harm my family’s body just by switching to dryer balls and organic, dye free detergent (which I always look for the best deals to save money).

Chris (my kiddo) loves to go to the recycling center in town to help put away the boxes. While I could call our garbage pickup to arrange for recycling to be picked up, I can easily take our recyclable items down the road and see the excitement in my kiddo’s face when he knows he is doing an important job on his part.

In my own thoughts, I think that anyone should start with whatever they can handle as far as change. For me, I wanted to use recycling and a natural lifestyle as a way to teach my son how to take care of himself, others, and nature. It teaches him the value of hard-work, compassion, and generosity.

I’ll be chatting with y’all soon! Have a blessed day


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