Soda Free Life

If you asked me what my favorite drink was when I was five, I would have said Dr. Pepper. That later turned into Coca-Cola; then became a love of Mt. Dew over the course of my life until my twenty-eighth year. I would always drink some form of a soda because I needed to “wake-up” or just wanted to taste of the fizz from whatever beverage I happened to be drinking.

About seven years ago, I became sick with dehydration and my kidneys. I remember it all too well because I was twenty-two and newly married. My husband happened to be on a month long field problem and I had just moved from Tennessee to Colorado. I knew no one at all because we lived off post. I remember throwing up and falling to the ground because the pain in my kidneys was excruciating. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t have anyone to call because my family was thirteen hours away. Fortunately, the hospital was down the street for me. I crawled to the door with my purse and the car keys because I could not walk. I, then, forced myself to walk to the car and drive.

Six years later, when I was twenty-eight, I finally got around to having a kidney stone removal surgery. And, while the choices I make affect my life and health, sometimes it is hard to know where to start when it comes to healthy living. I knew the one thing I needed to cut out was sodas, and as of today, since my surgery, I have been off of sodas for eight months. And, it feels freeing. I stopped cold turkey and made sure to have only cold water bottles on hand. While I felt I was constantly buying water bottle after water bottle, I knew that I was getting my body to better health each day I chose water over buying a soda.

I have no clue where my kidney health stands since my surgery last year since I have not had an annual follow-up yet, but I do know that I made a good decision of putting my health first. After all, as a mama, my son watches what me and my husband do. He asks for and drinks water, and that is a success in my book. I don’t want him to have the health issues I endured because I grew up drinking sodas. Having better health will allow me to do more than I expected, and most importantly take care of the body that God gave me.

What is something you want to do to start the journey to better your health?



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