God’s Parenting Affirmation

It is a known fact among to us moms that raising tiny humans is a blessed challenge in itself. We try not to, but we seek affirmation from others (especially social media) to know if we are a “good mama” to our children. This is a struggle for me at times, but I have to step back and refocus my attention to God for His approval over others’ judged approval.

With many walks of life, God has our lives planned to the tiniest detail, and that is so refreshing yet scary (in a good way) because we are venturing into the unknown that eventually reveals itself at the right, divine moments. Have you ever stepped back to look at what your parenting (or everyday) struggles are and see how God can use them to bring forth a testimony?

Sometimes God will use a person (one you can trust) to speak a message of wisdom or conviction that will help you step into what God desires for you at that time. If you think about it, those parenting moments- chaotic and peaceful- are the building blocks of your future testimony that would be what another person needed to hear in their moment.

Mamas are uniquely different and equipped because God called them to be in the ministry of Motherhood. When you accept God, your life becomes a ministry whether you realize that or not. That was an interesting concept for me to learn and discover. Ministry to me was the leaders in a church or missionaries, but that is not the case. Our encounters in the world with others could be the only interaction with a loving Christian they will ever experience.

Being a mama no different. Seeing what you struggle with or what your children struggle with (regardless of their age) allows you to rely on God to be able to view from His heart of how His grace and love extends to those areas. Oftentimes what we struggle with is where we need to surrender to God to become fully healed in that area, otherwise we will continue to struggle with those issues until we face them.

Whatever we face, sometimes God uses a person or a writing to speak to our hearts, but until we give it to God, we continue to search for a way to solve our problems. It doesn’t matter how many books, blogs, speaking events, or changes to how we parent, if we do not allow God to reveal the root of our issues, our trials will not become the testimony that God desires for us to discover.

Asking others if you are a good mama based on how you dress, feed, or raise your kids is not the affirmation you need. When you start to see the love for God in your children, that is the approval from God that is more valuable than what a person approves of in their own thoughts. Letting God speak to you over others speaking to you is the most freeing experience a person can have simply because they move forward into knowing who they are in Christ.

While it feels wonderful to hear that you are a good mama, being free from your struggles and insecurities is the key of learning the ministry of Motherhood for your children. By learning that, you create a legacy for your family in the generations to come.


4 thoughts on “God’s Parenting Affirmation

  1. Alexa @ThePowerfulMamaBlog says:

    This was a great read. I love looking at motherhood from the perspective of ministry. In any other ministry we ultimately seek for God’s guidance and validation, therefore, we most definitely need to seek him for this one as well. Thank you for your encouraging words.


  2. Sydney Meek says:

    This is such a great, REAL post. I’m not a mother, but I can find this in my every day life as a wife to my husband. I constantly compare myself to other women and seek affirmation for all the wrong reasons. Thanks for sharing this truth!


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