My Experience with Jade Bloom University

If there was a way you could learn about essential oils and did not have to pay to learn, would you do it? What if I told you that you could learn at your own pace, time, and earn free bottles of oils as you complete the courses? Sounds like something that is too good to be true. Which is what I thought in the beginning when I saw this offer from a company I had never heard of, Jade Bloom.

This was about three years ago, and I had decided to learn about how oils can benefit not only myself but my family. But, I could not stomach paying $100 for a small bottle of oil, regardless of how “a little goes a long way.” If I paid that much for a bottle of oil, a few things would happen… husband would think I am crazy (which he already thinks), bills would not be paid, and I would be riddled with guilt for buying something for that much money.

The only essential oil companies I had heard of were direct sales companies (which is what was confusing me on if they were the only ones I had to buy from). After looking around and researching, I realized that there are other good oil companies out there that are not direct sales (nothing against direct sales, I just needed to find something that worked for my family’s budget).

For the Jade Bloom University that was promoted, I signed up (easy sign up), watched their videos, and completed their lessons. While there are a lot of lessons, there is no time frame that is needed to complete them, which is great for anyone who is busy on a regular basis. There are four levels of learning, and you receive credit to use towards oils upon completion. Shopping with Jade Bloom is rewarding in itself when the company treats you like family rather than a customer.

I am halfway finished with my courses, which I have learned so much without the intimidation of having to buy “this kit or that kit” in order to have a better understanding of oils and natural living. I get to buy what I want when I want. Simple as that. And, the best part- their products are affordable without compromising on quality, and through learning in Jade Bloom University, I know how to determine which oils will best suit me when I browse their store online. If I do have a question, their customer service and Facebook group pitch in their suggestions in a way to help you on your journey for a healthy lifestyle.

If you are curious and need questions answered, you can always ask me for my experiences, talk with customer service, or check out their FAQ’s



***There are affiliated links in here that take you directly to Jade Bloom website. I only make a small percentage of purchases, but you still get the same prices, deals, and freebies as I do. Jade Bloom University links will go directly to the courses while regular links go to the company store website.****

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