Heart to Heart- A Kid Night In Box Review

Hello everyone! I normally make posts at least once a week, but for the whole month of February, I had to tend to family matters. My sweet Mama became very sick and was hospitalized for over two weeks. Sadly, she lost her battle, but she gained a new body with no more pain, tears, and bad experiences. I was very close to Mama and it hurts that I cannot pick up my phone to call her, but I am blessed she was able to be a part of my blogging and writing journey in the beginning.

Last month, I received a Date Night In Box for my hubby and I to do, but Army life got needy and I just did the building activities with my kiddo (it had building brick candies that he loved). With that in mind, I decided to get a Kid Night In Box Faith option for my kiddo so that we could something that was geared towards him. The theme for February was Kind Heart. I knew the box had arrived in the mail, and I let Christopher open the mailbox to surprise him as he really enjoys getting mail.

Inside the box were:

Faith Option questions
1 bag of birdseed
Heart shape cutter
Long piece of yarn (I cut in half to use with two feeders)
Small book
Jump rope
Small drinking cup
2 heart ornaments and 2 red strings
Bag of apple chips
Bracelet bands
Agape Love glasses cutout page

What made this box unique for Christopher was the fact that it had activities that reminded him of my Mom, and he kept saying, “Maunea would love this.” One activity we enjoyed was making birdseed feeders- the activity was to teach how to be kind to nature. We used the heart shape cutter to make a heart mold of the birdseed after we made the mixture and I used a mason jar lid to make a circle mold with the remaining mixture.

Another activity Christopher had fun with was heart shaped “scratchers” where you take a small wooden tool and scratch away the surface to reveal colorful backgrounds. Kiddo drew our dog on one heart and made designs on the other. He is very into art, and this was perfect for him. The instructions say to give the heart ornaments to someone you love, and we hanged the ornaments up for my Mom in our dining area for her to “see.”

The jump rope was for a physical activity where we were to play together (that’s their ultimate goal). For one activity, it was a math lesson- we ask the other what x + x = ? and we would jump the answer. I know that we may homeschool in the upcoming years, and that is a perfect way to implement exercise and math together 😉 There were two other activities, but we didn’t get to do those as we had been rained out the whole month and it needed more than two people (Army life had hubby). With this activity, it showed how to be kind to yourself.

There was a small drinking glass that comes apart with paper in the outer rim. Kids can color and decorate their glass the way they choose. Little guy drew a picture of him, my husband, and me holding hands, and the other picture he drew was the Mario character.

One of my and Christopher’s favorite things to do together is read books. He is a little bookworm, and the book that came in the box was The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme book called Love. We talked about the pictures and I had him read to me some of the pages as he is learning to read.

For the faith option in the box, it had a memory verse (1 Corinthians 13:8- “Love never fails! Everyone who prophesies will stop, and unknown languages will no longer be spoken. All that we know will be forgotten”). The key words were, “Love never fails,” and we spoke that over from time to time. I find it important for my son to learn scripture and what it means for him. With the lesson prompt, I explained to him the different types of love- agape was what we discussed while he was making rainbow sunglasses. I asked him why he put rainbow colors, and he wanted to show God’s promise on his glasses 🙂 The lesson was explaining how love is not limited from God, and we can show God, ourselves, others, and the Earth love the way God wants us to do.

I enjoyed this box, myself, because it warmed my heart to see Christopher’s creativity and thoughtfulness come into play throughout each of these activities. I was impressed with the thought out activities and their purposes. For some reason this box reminded myself and Christopher of my mom and that made it even more special. Christopher is looking forward to March’s box as it is an outer space theme.

Come back for another review and information about the company behind these ideas 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I have some more posts in the works of what God has been speaking to my heart to share with you ♥

To learn more about Kid Night In Boxes, click the image above or here.
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