#RescYOUed Bible Study and Review

I have to be honest. Sometimes, I start Bible studies with full intention on completing them, and once I start digging in the study, it is not what I expected or my time slips away as I fully intend to do the day-by-day devotions. I end up starting day one on day ten for the daily devotionals. What I have learned that works for me is just because there is a Bible study offered does not mean I have to do every single one of them to seek God.

When it comes to Bible studies, I enjoy Bible studies that teach with me as if it is my friend and I chit chatting about God and life over a cup of coffee. What I especially like is when it feels like the Bible study author is speaking to me or I can see myself reflect off of the written words. As I dig deeper into learning God’s Word, I have had a desire to learn about the meaning and the origins of His many names. With the RescYOUed Bible study that I was a part of in a launch team, this Bible study was different in how it is presented.

For one, this study is offered completely free and it is the complete, detailed study that you can download to read on a computer, tablet, or phone, print the study off, or just read from the daily emails you receive. Each study takes about 15 minutes to complete, and there are “rest days” to reflect (or catch up when life gets busy). There is an audio option to go along with each daily devotional that is free for those on the go!

In this Bible study, you will learn:

  • 22 Names of God
  • Learn God’s character through His many Names
  • Meet Biblical figures that were rescued by God
  • And, learn how God rescues you through His character

You can click here to sign up for the Bible study, or click the image

Free Online Bible Study. You are Invited to Join Us for this Free 30-Day Bible Study on God’s divine rescue plan for His people, entitled “RescYOUed”. | LivingbyDesign.org/RescYOUed | #RescYOUedStudy

Photo from Living by Design Ministries

There were many, generous creative partners who offered their talents to be free gifts to the Bible study. Below is what is offered as a gift to us:

Photo from Living by Design Ministries

For a ministry to put a lot of time and effort into a Bible study that is offered for free, that says a lot about their intentions to helping others learn God’s Word. There is still time to join this study and even after the deadline if you happen to miss out in the beginning. I truly enjoyed having a chance to look at the Bible study, and I know it would be a blessing to those who consider joining. Living by Design set themselves apart and I look forward to their future Bible studies they create!