Review of Heaven Intended Series

They say that books “take you places,” and I completely agree. Growing up, I had my head in a good book, and there is nothing like sitting in your favorite spot or cuddled up in bed with a book. I got my bookworm genes from my Dad and Nanny; Nanny would always have books everywhere in her house, or she would bring books with her to read in car rides. The same goes for my Dad. As a kid, my sister and I would go to Wal-Mart with our parents, and we wouldn’t “lose” Dad in the store because he would always be found in the book section. That was the typical question and response, “Where’s Dad?” “Oh, he’s probably looking at books.”

Fast forward to today, my kiddo would check out every kids book in the library if I’d let him. And, our library has unlimited amount for books, too! I don’t read as much as I did before I became a Mommy, but I enjoy a good book in the car rider line. Every so often, I will discover new authors and their book series. I usually gauge how intrigued I will be by the description of the books, but sometimes I just jump right in on the reading. There is a new series that I have been reading called, Heaven Intended, and the three books are like a step into time for me. The series included three books in the same time period of the Civil War, but different walks of life through the characters.

  • In, A World Such as Heaven Intended, Amara and Nathan are connected by their faith, yet they have opposite loyalties as they come into each others’ lives.
  • In, A Life Such as Heaven Intended, Brigid and Dominic risk their lives to remain true to their faith in the midst of the political and societal differences in the Civil War.
  • Lastly, A Love Such as Heaven Intended, has socialite Josephine who is determined to become a writer only to discover that she is smitten by Michael, a Confederate soldier.

The titles of the books listed will take you to Amazon’s website to have a longer description of the stories. I enjoyed the opportunity to read and review these books, and I was not disappointed. I love reading books by different authors. If you want to learn about the author, Amanda Lauer, you can check her out here.


******Though I included a link to the books, I am not an Amazon affiliate nor do I make any money. I am just sharing what I enjoyed.******


Have you read any good books lately?


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