The Gift of You

The Story Behind our Gift

“If only I could tell myself then what I know now,” is an all too common phrase said by many. Sometimes our gifts are the stories we express to others- the words we would tell our younger selves. Whatever your gift may be, God has blessed it upon you, and there is a story behind the road you are travelling. Sometimes, we discover what God has called us to do at a younger age, while others begin their journeys as adults.

What we are called to by God shapes us into the individual He envisions for us in our future. As Christians, God does not make a mistake with the gifts He grants to us. There is a reason why one may be a talented writer when another may sing beautifully. Our gifts become a blessing that honors and glorifies God in a way that can impact others’ to be lead to Him for salvation.

A concept that can be hard to grasp, but is crucial in our spiritual growth is, “everything belongs to God.” That means ourselves, family, personal belongings, finances, and, indeed, our gifts belong to God. When we surrender, our Father knows what we need better than we do because as our gifts bless others, God blesses us in ways we cannot imagine.

What does “gift” mean?

The word “gift” in the Greek is dóron (Bible Hub). When you look at the definition, it says, “a gift, present, a sacrifice.” Did you see that last word? Sacrifice. That can go one of two ways, a flesh made sacrifice or a Spirit led sacrifice. How we use the “gift of ourselves” can be shown one of two ways. In the flesh, we show others that we are responsible for whatever success was made, or we sacrifice our gift to the Lord and that turns other individuals’ focus off of us to God.

Our gifts can become an idol if we are not careful. When I began my blogging journey a few years ago, I knew I was called to write. The question in my mind was, “How can I make sure that others find me to follow me?” Quickly, God corrected me because that would have ended my blogging journey before it even started. I reread 1 Corinthians 13:12 and saw it in a new light.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.
1 Corinthians 13:12, ESV

For myself, whenever I am directed by God to reread a particular verse, I get a new message of what He wants me to understand in the Scripture. That is one reason why a person is to dig deeper into Scripture and not just “read” the Bible.

My original understanding of the verse was seeking God through Scripture, quality time, and prayer will bring me to seeing how God sees me rather than how I perceive myself. There is much more than that. As we sacrifice our gifts to God, He uses that to shape His story through us for others. After all, our ultimate goal on Earth is to lead people to Christ- not achieve that high paying position, become the most well liked influencer, become the most intelligent individual, or anything that focuses on the “established self.”

The Gift of Sowing Seeds

When allowing God to work through you in the gifts He granted you, that sows a seed in each person you encounter, whether in person or through social media. Because, as we grow closer to God in whatever we do, that brings others to Him, and we see ourselves in a different light as we keep our focus on God rather than our gifts. There is always a reason for you being where you are at the moment- maybe you do not have a large following as a writer, but somewhere, what you wrote brought someone to salvation because they happened to be guided by the Holy Spirit to what God put in their heart.

The gift of you becomes the sacrifice God wants. The gift of you becomes a testimony that other people need because your story, gift, and journey are uniquely created by the loving, guiding Hands of the Father.

How can you use your gift to tell your “younger self” something that leads them to knowing Christ?


2 thoughts on “The Gift of You

  1. Donna Miller says:

    Beautiful post Tabitha! The gift of me is the sacrifice that God wants. Very encouraging and uplifting (and at the same time convicting) post. Great job! ❤


  2. Chrissie Murphy Designs says:

    This is a beautifully written post, and just now I realise I’ve received it like I would a gift. It’s beautiful, and yes, it’s pointed to the Lord. Your post testifies to the belief you blog about and it’s beautiful to see. I’m so encouraged by this and by the truth you exude in your gifting. Bless you my friend, I’ve shared your beautiful gift on Twitter xx


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