Our Inner Goliaths

Have you ever really looked at the story of David and Goliath? It is one of first basic Sunday school stories we learn as children. Unless we read Scripture on a regular basis, we can miss the little nudges of meaning behind the words that God speaks to us. One cannot read the same story in the Bible too many times because each season of our life bears a significant meaning when we turn to God’s Word.

As a child, I knew the Bible was important to read, but as an adult, I learned it is the Living Word. The words that God breathed into existence bears specific meaning in each verse, chapter, and book. The Words become illuminated as we draw near to God in His love letter to us.

Recently, I became a teacher assistant for Kindergarten and First Grade at my son’s school. It was a blessing that I had not expected, and I know God will use me to accomplish His Will for the school year. As a Christian woman, I know who I am to be in Christ, but experiencing or feeling that is a different story. I am in the stage of God working on the anxiety and overwhelmed feelings that keep resurfacing. I know that the current events we have faced each month since March have had an effect on me. To be honest, I struggle with anxiety on a regular basis depending on the seasons I face in my day to day life. Before everything became filled with uncertainty, I was a stage in my life where I was consistent in my time with God. I would read in my Bible and write in my prayer journal every morning at 5 o’clock in the morning, and I would end my day by watching one of my Bible shows.

Fast forward to today, I experienced a wide range of emotions in the last six months. I can easily say that frustration, anxiety, and fear became more apparent in the things that created uncertainty. My time with God became sporadic; although, I made an effort to draw near to Him even for a few minutes. I felt like I was being cloaked with a heavy feeling of overwhelm and anxiety, and that made me feel small and insecure in my abilities to do the things that I love. As a result, I slowly stopped doing the things I enjoy- writing, painting, and photography. It was not that I did not like them or have time to do them, but I was in a spiritual battle I could not fight because I felt burdened and spiritually tired. Writing for my blog is one of my spiritually, therapeutic ways of connecting to God, healing, and sharing what God wants to say to other women.

A few weeks ago, our kindergarten and first grade class had a lesson on David and Goliath, and I felt prompted in my heart to reread the lesson in my own time at home. When I read Scripture, I take note of certain words that seem to speak to me in that moment. I look them up in their original Greek or Hebrew format (depending if it is Old or New Testament). I love doing that because each word in Scripture has a specific meaning from God.

As I read in 1 Samuel 17, I looked at Goliath‘s name in the Strong’s Concordance. His name meaning is Philistine giant, but upon further studying, I learned that it comes from “galah,” which means “to uncover or remove.” If you look at 1 Samuel 17:4, you will see “…Goliath, who was from Gath, came out from the Philistine camp.” To me, seeing that, it made me envision how this would be significant spiritually. Goliath became “uncovered” as he stepped out from the camp. Applying that to our life (my life), our struggles are ultimately giants that we must face, but they remain hidden inside us. Our “goliaths” need to become uncovered so that we may face them.

David spoke up that he can face Goliath. He went into battle with only his staff and five smooth stones. I noticed that there was use of staff in this story, and it made me think of Psalm 23 when David says that the Lord’s rod and staff comfort him. He knew at that time that God was his Support and Protector when he stepped up to face Goliath. To take this a step further, if you look at the word “stone,” one of the meanings has cornerstone. Jesus is referred to as Cornerstone or foundation in our spiritual walk.

To take this to heart, our faith must be in Christ alone. He is our Foundation and our Stone to equip us for the spiritual battle. Our struggles are our own personal “goliaths,” but when we draw near to God and keep our faith, we can overcome our struggles with God’s provision. If you look back at the other meaning of “galah,” the other word is remove. When David conquered Goliath, he was “removed” as a threat to not only David but to his people. The “goliaths” that we face become removed from our life as we draw near to God and become set free from bondage to our struggles in our personal life.

I have been fellowshipping with some close friends and sharing what is on my heart. I find myself refreshed and I feel a heaviness being lifted off of my soul. Through uncertainty, I know for a fact that the giants that lurk ahead of our walk with the Lord can be conquered. Going through struggles brings forth strength when we stand upon our firm Foundation. Struggles are merely weaklings as we shift focus from what is in front of us to Who is above us.

I pray that this touched your heart in some way the way it opened my eyes. Remember that our struggles may not instantly disappear, but we become stronger in our faith as we allow God to fight our battles for us.



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