The Silenced Voice

In a society that tells us to have a voice, we still become silenced. At least, not in the way you would believe. My voice changed, evolved, adapted, and became different over time. My voice is different today than it was five, ten, fifteen, and even twenty-five years ago. My life stages silenced the voice I had as I grew in wisdom and closer to God. Our loving Father gave us a voice for His Glory, and over time, His Holy Spirit works through our hearts to become the voice God desired in the beginning before we were created.

Each day, I use my voice for a multitude of reasons. I tell my family, “I love you,” I greet my students at school, I pray for a friend in need, and I ask for forgiveness where I fall short. How I use my voice is different in how another would use their voice. If I do not allow my voice to be spirit-led, my voice can weaponize my words into hurt, regret, or shame. Yet, if I allow my voice to be spirit-led, my words bring encouragement, love, hope, joy, and peace.

When I was a newlywed, I used my voice to speak up for others who needed advocates. While in that process, I lost my voice- a voice of purpose and meaning. But, to spiritually grow, I had to lose my voice in order to allow it to become guided by Holy Spirit. Sometimes, in the midst of speaking through my flesh-based voice, I did not realize I was grieving Holy Spirit by quietening Him.

Oh, how different situations could have been had I allowed Him to take full rein of my voice.

My voice is not mine. Sure, I can choose the words I will speak and how I speak them, but that is merely operated in the flesh. No, my voice is not mine because it is God’s breath in my lungs that release the spirit-led words carefully chosen by Holy Spirit to gently guide me in my walk with God. The spirit-breathed words that leave my mouth become that roadmap of a testimony that reveal the stages past, present, and yet to come that I experienced, am experiencing, and will experience.

Most of the time, we become focused on hearing the voice of God that we sometimes forget that the voice of God speaks through us by Holy Spirit. Sometimes it can be a simple word of encouragement from a person whom you’d never expect to receive a word from, sometimes it is that confirmation to a prayer or concern from a person who knows nothing of your circumstance, or sometimes it is simply hearing from a trusted loved one in a way that brings encouragement. Words have power to bring healing or they can bring destruction. Yet, just as we live in a fallen world, our flesh-based words bring inner destruction, but surrendering the tool that can take us places, our voice, to God will bring life within us to revive others.

God’s voice that exists is exhibited in many ways: through Scripture, so we can see His voice, through sound, so we can hear His voice, and through our spirit as it releases the spirit-led voice so we can speak life.

For our voices to be heard, we must silence our inner voice to allow that still, small, yet mighty powerful voice shine through.


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