MegaFoods Children’s Multivitamin Powders Review for Moms Meet

First off, what a wonderful time it has been for the summer going into fall. Indeed, there have been quite a bit hot temperatures that make us wish for winter (or I may be the only one) for the cool feeling. Continue reading


European Olive Oil Review for Moms Meet

Before I begin, my review is pretty late simply because of some mishaps that happened. As a military wife, my husband received orders for us to move to another duty station. When I had applied to become selected for this great opportunity, I didn’t really think that I would be accepted since I am on the newer end of blogging and reviewing.
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Slow Cooked Whole Chicken


Well, y’all. I am finally getting around to the recipe/kitchen menu on my blog. I didn’t forget; things have been CRAZY here with intense spring cleaning and an energetic threenager.

Anyway, I am always looking for recipes or meals that I can make multiples out of one good size meat product. Continue reading