Blessed with a Strong Willed Child


I have to say that in my mind, I imagined myself “constantly” blogging. It had been a little over a week since my last post, and it seemed that life happened since then. And, to be honest, I cannot remember what’s happened since then, except for the fact that I became tired and felt defeated and “anti-social” says the gal who likes to talk a lot. Continue reading

Learning the Power of Prayer


Before my husband and I had our son, I found it easy to sit and rest in God’s Word. And, the thought never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t have “time” as much once I had Christopher simply because I was thinking that I can read fast. Once I had given birth, I found it a huge challenge to even stay focused on a simple note, let alone immerse myself in the Word of God as I had done in the past. Continue reading

Tab’s Etiquette


The purpose of my blog is to uplift moms and wives. I am well aware that we all have our Freedom of Speech, but I don’t see why we as moms and wives can’t just get along, regardless of our lifestyles- whether we are the Martha Stewart of tidiness in our homes to letting our toddlers be our professional interior designer.

The way I see it, we mostly get appalled at the fact that there is so much cyber-bullying occurring among the younger generation, and if that bothers us enough, then we should extend a kind heart to others. Continue reading

Welcome, Ladies!


I am Tabitha, and my life is a roller coaster that God has given me to experience the ups and downs. I don’t know about you gals, but I LOVE writing. I get excited to write papers whenever I take a college course.

I guess that is what started a venture out into the blogging world. Indeed, there are MANY bloggers, especially housewife and mommy bloggers. So, what sense does it make for another gal to start a blog? It makes perfect sense! Clearly, every blog in the internet world has a person with their own story at heart. No two bloggers are alike, though there may be an occasional similarity among a post or two. Continue reading