God’s Parenting Affirmation

It is a known fact among to us moms that raising tiny humans is a blessed challenge in itself. We try not to, but we seek affirmation from others (especially social media) to know if we are a “good mama” to our children. Continue reading

Soda Free Life

If you asked me what my favorite drink was when I was five, I would have said Dr. Pepper. That later turned into Coca-Cola; then became a love of Mt. Dew over the course of my life until my twenty-eighth year. I would always drink some form of a soda because I needed to “wake-up” or just wanted to taste of the fizz from whatever beverage I happened to be drinking. Continue reading

Mighty Fix Review- Meliora

Ever since I started my natural and organic journey a couple of years ago, I have come to notice that it is easier than I expected at times. I have to say that sometimes our budget is tight, but I use my skills to search for deals that make any purchase worth buying.

There is vast information out there that even overwhelmed me of where to start, what to do, or how to take that baby step into the “DIY green cleaning and living.” Continue reading

Leave it at the Cross

Have you ever wanted to be free, yet it seemed difficult to release the burdens or strongholds that were holding you captive? And, yet, you know that Jesus died on the Cross for our sins, our sicknesses, and our burdens. No matter how much you pray, repent, or forgive, it seems like an endless cycle that tires you, weakens you, and burdens you.  Continue reading


I wanted to make a disclosure as I will be posting product reviews which will have an affiliate link for those who choose to learn more about what I discuss. I will only write about my personal experiences whether I liked a product or experience or not so that others can make a better informed decision for themselves or their family. A lot of the products or companies I do talk about are some that I have been a member of for about a year or more and wanted to wait until now to write about them so I could get a gist of how their products work for me and how their customer service is when it comes to questions or shipping issues. My blog is my step ladder to support my family for our future. Thanks for your support and encouragement from reading my blog!

“Mama, Jesus is My Night-light”

A little while ago, I was reading Christopher his Bible devotion (I cannot remember what we were reading), but somehow we got on the topic of Jesus being the light of the world. I had explained to him how light reveals things that are hidden in the dark.  What Christopher said next was so heart-warming and true, “Jesus is my night light.” Continue reading

“Mama, Let’s Save Earth”

It is so easy to teach young children the importance of respecting the temporary home that God blessed us with until we venture to our forever Home. While I am in no means perfect, I feel convicted to teach Christopher the importance of taking care of Earth. Continue reading

Tribal Identity, part two

Looking back in my life, I have seen many friends come, go, and stay in the story that God has created for me. And, what is even amazing is these individuals have played a huge part in how God has shaped who He wants me to become. Through our spiritual journey, that is when we learn God’s character through our season and through Him working through others.

Continue reading

Tribal Identity, part one

Every season brings or removes individuals from our lives as we further into our journey towards spiritual growth. Yet, as these changes occur, God reveals the much-needed fruit of the Spirit He offers freely to us. As He conducts these changes, our tribal identity becomes created by learning our God given identity, accepting the tribe God wants for us, and seeing God’s character through our seasons. Continue reading