Slow Cooked Whole Chicken


Well, y’all. I am finally getting around to the recipe/kitchen menu on my blog. I didn’t forget; things have been CRAZY here with intense spring cleaning and an energetic threenager.

Anyway, I am always looking for recipes or meals that I can make multiples out of one good size meat product. Continue reading


Implanted Blessings


I have always been open discussing my hearing impairment growing up, and this is a post that I never even dreamed that I would be writing- journey into the Cochlear Implant world. Continue reading

St. Ives Product Review



Hi Everyone,

First of all, I know that the image quality is a bit fuzzy. I used my cell phone and forgot to adjust the settings; and, I just wanted to continue the work on my blog by filling up the sections I created. I can assure you that once I get a hang of the product reviewing process, I’ll be able to have a better quality post. For now, this is more of a practice post. Continue reading

Blessed with a Strong Willed Child


I have to say that in my mind, I imagined myself “constantly” blogging. It had been a little over a week since my last post, and it seemed that life happened since then. And, to be honest, I cannot remember what’s happened since then, except for the fact that I became tired and felt defeated and “anti-social” says the gal who likes to talk a lot. Continue reading

Learning the Power of Prayer


Before my husband and I had our son, I found it easy to sit and rest in God’s Word. And, the thought never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t have “time” as much once I had Christopher simply because I was thinking that I can read fast. Once I had given birth, I found it a huge challenge to even stay focused on a simple note, let alone immerse myself in the Word of God as I had done in the past. Continue reading

Dear Stranger at Kroger,


To the Lady at Kroger,

We, as moms, have all been there. The moment when we set foot in the store with our sweet little angel- when they decide to turn into a yelling machine because you said not right now. Continue reading

Tab’s Etiquette


The purpose of my blog is to uplift moms and wives. I am well aware that we all have our Freedom of Speech, but I don’t see why we as moms and wives can’t just get along, regardless of our lifestyles- whether we are the Martha Stewart of tidiness in our homes to letting our toddlers be our professional interior designer.

The way I see it, we mostly get appalled at the fact that there is so much cyber-bullying occurring among the younger generation, and if that bothers us enough, then we should extend a kind heart to others. Continue reading

Welcome, Ladies!


I am Tabitha, and my life is a roller coaster that God has given me to experience the ups and downs. I don’t know about you gals, but I LOVE writing. I get excited to write papers whenever I take a college course.

I guess that is what started a venture out into the blogging world. Indeed, there are MANY bloggers, especially housewife and mommy bloggers. So, what sense does it make for another gal to start a blog? It makes perfect sense! Clearly, every blog in the internet world has a person with their own story at heart. No two bloggers are alike, though there may be an occasional similarity among a post or two. Continue reading