Mighty Fix Review- Meliora

Ever since I started my natural and organic journey a couple of years ago, I have come to notice that it is easier than I expected at times. I have to say that sometimes our budget is tight, but I use my skills to search for deals that make any purchase worth buying.

There is vast information out there that even overwhelmed me of where to start, what to do, or how to take that baby step into the “DIY green cleaning and living.”Everyone has so many ideas and opinions about what to do, how to do, when to do, or where to go that our thoughts become “to-dos” in an effort of trying to find that next healthy baby step.

Whatever you choose to be your baby step, that is one step into a healthy and natural lifestyle that you were not doing the day before. To be honest, I am still learning and oftentimes become overwhelmed with what I can do next to create a better life for myself and family. But, by choosing just one thing to research, that allows me to become better informed of my next step.

My little guy loves to help clean the house, such as dusting, moping, cleaning toilet, cleaning counter (except clean his room, haha). I switched from conventional cleaning products to already made earth friendly products.

Through MightyFix I receive monthly, I received a glass spray bottle and a small container that looked like a coin roll filled with a soap that was made from coconut oil. I had been wanting to try a product or make my own cleaning product with coconut oil as a soap, and was excited to have an excuse to try it.

What I liked about the cleaning solution was how easy it was to make. The flakes dissolved after shaking for a short while and stayed dissolved. I tried it unscented for the first time and could see how well it cleaned. The second half of the container I used an essential oil blend from Jade Bloom called Protect. Knowing what was in the cleaning product I had, I was able to let my kiddo spray and clean without worrying of harmful chemicals. It benefited him more to clean since essential oils have benefits aromatically.

With it being easy to make, I looked at the cost per 16 oz bottle. From the company’s website, they have a refill canister for under eight dollars that provides enough for eighteen bottles. That comes up to about .45 cents per bottle. That is a win for a budget, and eco-friendly for anyone wanting to turn away from chemicals. I enjoy using the spray bottle to clean my whole house. I am eager to find out what is in my next kit this month.

What are some changes that you have made or would like to make to better your life?



*This post is more of a practice product review. I had bought these products and used them for several months. I wanted to get a better idea of what to expect before writing about the products.
**There may be links included that share details about what I am writing about. Some may or may not be affiliate links, which I may just be sharing how to find them. I am an affiliate for a couple of companies.



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