Spirit- Led Resolutions

Happy 2019, ladies! I pray that you enjoyed bringing the new year in with your loved ones. I fell asleep before midnight and slept in- the best way to bring a new year for myself.

I wanted to share something that has been on my mind the past week. For as long as I can remember, I have always wrote down what I wanted to accomplish for each new year only to “forget” or lose the paper I scribbled on. Sometimes, I would reach my goals without even realizing that I set out to accomplish them in the first place. My goals would be similar each year, but I never seemed to be satisfied.

But, as I get older (I am like an old soul in a young gal’s body. I am 29 going on an “older age”), my thoughts become redirected back to God. Last year, my goal was to either be graduated with my Criminal Justice degree or almost there, but that is a distant sight to me. I felt pulled to write for God instead, and I have an unimaginable peace for this unexpected journey.

What is fascinating to me is that a lot of our resolutions are connected with emotions within our hearts. For example, I want to become better organized, but a lot of my disorganization is rooted to my anxiety. What I felt God show me is that He needs to do His work in me so that anything I set out to do will become accomplished through God.

By setting out to accomplish any of our resolutions without having a heart check with God could lead to flesh made decisions. After all, our work is for God and whatever resolutions we have in our thoughts need to be spirit led so that we can be guided into the full potential God has for our lives

Having goals for the new year are wonderful, but having God led resolutions helps you and I reach our God given potential each year. So to rethink your resolutions, how can you see God working in you to bring forth the ability to work through you?


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